Nick Friedenberg studies evolution, ecology, and evoluionary ecology from a theoretical perspective.

Theory Overview

Pesticide Resistance
Niche Evolution


Overview: Evolutionary ecology yields a practical skillset?

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The word "archidictus" is latin for eloquent or well-spoken. I've always been struck that people put themselves in one of two categories: analytical or creative. That is a mistake. Give yourself more credit and use both sides of your brain; ideas need wings and presentation needs content. is my own attempt to bring science and design together for effective communication. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

About Nicholas Friedenberg

Nicholas Friedenberg studied the evolution and ecology of dispersal for his thesis under Mark McPeek at Dartmouth College. Nick then went on to do post doctoral research on niche evolution and the coevolution of dispersal and specialization with Robert Holt at the University of Florida. Nick Friedenberg is the author of three scientific publications and five websites. More are always on the way. is listed on for web and flash design.

Nicholas Friedenberg is a Preferred Vendor in the Hanover, New Hampshire Web Design Firms Directory at is listed in the DMOZ directory under evolutionary ecology.